DSLFonts is an independent type foundry located in Vienna /Austria, offering retail and custom typefaces as well as type-related services like lettering and logo design.

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DSLF Typefaces

Maschek Grotesk

3 Families – 72 Fonts

Well-equipped, versatile type family in 3 widths & 12 weights → 72 styles + Variable Fonts

Collection of 3 families – 72 styles + 2 Variable Fonts
12 weights + italics in 3 width-classes

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FCSP Handspiel

1 Family – 2 Fonts

Hand written display font for FC St. Pauli – 2 Styles

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Declarify Beta

1 Family – 4 Fonts

Typeface of this website, still in progress → available for early bird discount price! – 4 Styles

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About DSLF

DSLF offers a clear and simple licensing model: all our licenses allow simultaneous use of our fonts for print/desktop, web and embedding in apps and e-books. For more details, please see FAQ/Licensing.

DSLFonts Type foundry was established by Stefan Biedermann in 2023. Located in Vienna DSLF is offering quality retail fonts, as well as customized typefaces for all uses with a unique twist, tailored for our clients’ needs and specifications. DSLF is a quite young foundry but arises from a long tradition on graphic design and typography.

Type is not only our main passion, we offer a wide range of graphic design such as creating all kinds of printed matters as well as lettering and logo- calendar- and book design this resulted in an ever-growing attraction towards the field of type design, on which he puts his main focus now.