DSLFonts is an independent type foundry located in Vienna /Austria, offering retail and custom typefaces as well as type-related services like lettering and logo design.

→ View Maschek Grotesk!

DSLF Typefaces

Maschek Grotesk

3 Families – 72 Fonts

Well-equipped, versatile type family in 3 widths & 12 weights → 72 styles + Variable Fonts

Collection of 3 families – 72 styles + 2 Variable Fonts
12 weights + italics in 3 width-classes

→ View Maschek Grotesk

FCSP Handspiel

1 Family – 2 Fonts

Hand written display font for FC St. Pauli – 2 Styles

→ View FCSP Handspiel

Declarify Beta

1 Family – 4 Fonts

Typeface of this website, still in progress → available for early bird discount price! – 4 Styles

→ View Declarify Beta

DSLF Calendar

DSLF’s annual typographical calendar 2024 is now available.

Including all finesses like
year | quarter | month | calendar week | day.

Available online via hanseplatte onlineshop, or get your copy in local stores in Hamburg and Vienna.

Klick to view more details, pictures and points of sale.

Release Party!

Come and celebrate with us!

We are hosting a release party to celebrate the “grand opening” of our website and the official launch of the “Maschek Grotesk” type family. For this purpose, the comedians “Maschek” will perform live on stage, and music will be provided by DJ DSL as well as his top-class colleagues DJ Urbs (Vienna) and Stoecker Stereo (Hamburg).

Furthermore, there will a tombola for the chance to win valuable font licences for Maschek Grotesk.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on Thursday, 22 June at the Volksgarten Pavillon / Vienna!

About DSLF

DSLFonts Type foundry was established by Stefan Biedermann in 2023. Located in Vienna DSLF is offering quality retail fonts, as well as customized typefaces for all uses with a unique twist, tailored for our clients’ needs and specifications.

DSLF offers a clear and simple licensing model: all our licenses allow simultaneous use of our fonts for print/desktop, web and embedding in apps and e-books. For more details, please see FAQ/Licensing.

But type is not our only passion, we also offer a wide range of graphic design, such as the design of printed matter of all kinds as well as lettering and logo creation.